• CDTD desires to establish an effective system that would provide valuable work experience to students pursuing their studies at post –secondary school, college, graduate and post graduate levels.
  • This internship/ Volunteer policy will be a clear and defined framework that will guide and give direction to the management of the internship/ volunteer program within CDTD.
  • The program will provide a critical bridge between the world of study and the work place for professionals.
  • It will be one of the strategies to meet CDTD’s staffing needs from time to time; internship Program will benefit both the interns and CDTD and
  • It will also act as a component of CDTD’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To create an opportunity for students who have just finished their studies and/or in the final stages of completing to familiarize themselves with the work environment and gain practical experience.
  2. To assist CDTD in its effort and vision of capacity building by empowering young people to gain experience and prepare them for the labour market; and
  3. To assist in the development of young professionals interested to work in grassroots communities and the civil society.

Guiding Principles

Internship/ volunteer will only be offered only in line with CDTD’s programs and activities;

  1. A restricted number of interns/ volunteer would be allowed at CDTD for a specific period of time taking into account considerations of space, mentorship and equipment. No more than (4) interns/ volunteers will be deployed at CDTD at any one time.
  2. CDTD will post solicited internship/ volunteer positions on its website. Occasionally the organization also accepts unsolicited internship/ volunteer positions.
  3. In a situation where there are many students seeking internship/ volunteer positions, a short list and interviews of candidates shall be conducted and managed by a panel composed of the office of the Program Officer, Finance and Administration Officer. The panel will have the responsibility of determining internship/ volunteer assignment based on competence and prevailing organizational needs.
  4. Interns/ volunteers may be assigned to specific projects or to one of the CDTD programs.
  5. Internship/ volunteer applications may be submitted ONLY via email or at the relevant page on the CDTD website.
  6. Internship/ volunteer may be established throughout the year based on organizational requirements.
  7. Only employees on permanent basis or in substantive responsibility positions may request for the engagement of an intern/ volunteer. This will be made in writing as a formal request to the CEO clearly justifying the need for the internship/ volunteer. Requests should be done at least 1 month in advance
  8. Interns/ volunteer will be assigned to the relevant program/project staff for supervision throughout the internship/ volunteer period. The staff member will:
    * Discuss with the intern/ volunteer and agree on the tasks and schedule before starting the internship/ volunteering.
    * Ensure the interns/volunteers have work to do and are afforded quality supervision.
    * Ensure that interns/ volunteers are aware of their rights, obligations and responsibilities as spelt out in the HR policy.
    * Ensure that professional competencies of the intern/ volunteer are enhanced.
  9. Internship/ volunteering are learning and mentoring positions, therefore the supervising officer will be required to write periodic reports on the progress of the intern/ volunteer.
  10. CDTD provides accommodation and meals to interns/ volunteers at a subsidized cost but this has to be arranged prior to your arrival.
  11. Whereas CDTD works with both local and international students, however preference will be given to students from Kenya.
  12. All interns/ volunteers will be required to adhere to the work ethics and Human Resource (HR) guidelines of CDTD.
  13. All interns/ volunteers will be required to adhere to the work ethics and Human Resource (HR) guidelines of CDTD.

Administration of the Policy

CDTD will enter into contract with an intern/ volunteer following a successful application.
The contract will be binding to both parties for the duration of the internship/ volunteering.
The application of the intern/ volunteer shall be backed up by a supporting letter from his/her institution for continuing students or certificate of completion of studies.
The contract period shall range between a minimum of two (2) months and a maximum of three (3) months.
Interns/ volunteers must receive proper orientation, which must include both the philosophy and work practices of CDTD.
Interns/ volunteers cannot represent CDTD at any public events without the prior consent of Management; and interns/ volunteers will be bound by all CDTD’s regulation, policies and procedures.

Responsibilities of CDTD

  1. CDTD shall provide the intern/ volunteer with a conducive working environment during their internship/ volunteer period.
  2. CDTD shall provide supervision, on job guidance and mentoring the intern/ volunteer.
  3. Upon successful completion of the internship/ volunteering, an intern/ volunteer will be provided with a letter of service management.

Responsibilities of the intern/ volunteer

  1. The intern/ volunteer shall demonstrate willingness to fully and actively participate in the learning experience in CDTD by planning their program with the Mentor/Supervisor.
  2. The intern/ volunteer shall participate in the introduction and orientation programs of CDTD.
  3. The intern/ volunteer shall avail himself/herself for relevant skills development intervention planned by CDTD.
  4. The intern/ volunteer will be required to sit in feedback session with his/her supervisor.
  5. International interns/ volunteers will be required to organise their own relevant legal documents for Kenya where they are required (VISA). A copy of this should be submitted to CDTD before commencement of the internship/ volunteering period.
  6. Interns/ volunteers coming in from other formal internship/ volunteer programs will adhere to those requirements in addition to CDTD’s.
  7. International and local interns/ volunteers shall organize their own funding support for the duration of the internship/ volunteering. This will include any insurances , travel and accommodation costs; and
  8. All interns/ volunteers are required to submit to CDTD a Certificate of Good Conduct or its equivalent for foreign interns/ volunteers.

Application Process

Interested applicants are requested to visit CDTD website where they will download and fill CDTD’s Standard Internship Application Form. The filled application form should be sent to CDTD by email ONLY on: info@cdtd.org

The applicants will also be required to upload the following documents;

  1. A CV; detailing education, work, volunteer and internship experiences and any other relevant technical skills.
  2. A supporting letter from the Applicant’s institution is required.
  3. A Certificate of good conduct or its equivalent.
  4. Any other documents that CDTD may require from time to time.

Qualification Required

  • Applicants must, at a minimum, have just completed their studies within the last twelve (12) months;
  • Or be enrolled in a recognized diploma or degree or technical program but in their final year of study.
  • Applicants should be well-organized, self-motivated, reliable and with a strong interest in community work.
  • Relevant coursework is highly desirable.
  • Basic computer skills are required.

Further queries may also be made to;

Centre for Domestic Training and Development (CDTD)
Email: info@cdtd.org

Click here to download application form


CDTD does not accept telephone enquiries or hard copy application. Shortlisted candidates are notified via email 2 weeks after their application.