Jane dropped out of school when she was only 17 years old while in high school in her village. As a result of the 'shame' she had brought on her family, her father sent her away from home. She had no option but to enter into early marriage where she faced both physical and emotional abuse from her husband. One day, Jane decided to run away from her marital home after losing 2 babies at infancy within 3 years as she thought that something was strange! Out of frustration she opted to work as a domestic worker in Nairobi because she could not go back home where she was treated as a social outcast. Luckily a Good Samaritan informed her about the CDTD program of empowering girls and women in domestic labor. At the CDTD program, Jane was trained as a domestic worker but her passion for education did not die; she would regret and weep whenever she met girls in uniform going to school. Because of her passion for education Jane was enrolled in the TAGS program which gave her a second chance to go back to school fulltime. Initially she used part of her savings from her domestic job to pay for school. However, CDTD started paying her school fees after seeing her determination to succeed in education.

At the new school, which gives a second chance to young mothers, Jane was enrolled in Form 3 in 2013. The TAGS program supported Jane to pay her full school fees and during school holidays she worked to earn her upkeep. School was not easy for Jane considering that she had been out of school for 7 years which means she had to work really hard. In 2014 she sat for her KCSE and got a C+. She could not hide her joy and happiness because going back to school made her realize her dream of becoming a professional. Owing to her success in school Jane reconciled with her father who is now very proud of her. This year, Jane was fortunate enough to acquire a government scholarship (partial) at the prestigious Eldoret Polytechnic where she is undertaking a diploma in Accounting.

Jane is an inspiration to other girls at TAGS and we wish her the best in her endeavors.