In the suburbs of Adams Arcade, comes a happy sound of children playing and calling their nanny to play with them in one of the apartments. A kind and loving voice calls them and insist that it's time to go inside the house and put on some warm clothes, the children give in but not before making their aunt promise to show them how to weave. The voice belongs to Caroline a 22 year old house manager who is employed to cook and take care of the children and the apartment.

When one enters the house where Caroline works she is struck by the beautiful decorations made of wool, like the table matts on the dining table and the many designs of the floor mats; this is the handwork of Caroline who is talented in weaving shawls, table mats, floor mats, kikois, bed and curtain runners.

Caroline comes from Kitale and her mother died when she was 2 years old and she was raised by hergrandmother under difficult conditions. Rejected by her father who remarried and abandoned her she had no one else to turn to apart from her elderly grandmother who had no source of income. She managed to study up to class seven before dropping out of school as her poor grandmother had become too old and weak to provide for her and her cousins. She was the only child from her mother and had no one to look up to.

In 2006 Caroline was convinced by a neighbor and was brought to Nairobi to work as a domestic worker where she worked under very difficult conditions and moved from one household to another. She was mistreated and denied her basic rights in every house she worked in. In 2011 she heard from one of the house help about CDTD where domestic workers were trained and their rights defended. With the little money that she had saved she decided to talk to the CEO Ms. Edith Murogo who listened to her story and sympathized with her. Ms. Edith decided to allow her enroll in the training of basic homecare Management, where she was taught Childcare, Cooking, First Aid, Labor education and Life Skills.
In February 2011 Caroline decided to enroll with Beacon of Hope on Ongata Rongai for a certificate course in in weaving and was trained in weaving. Caroline also heard of another training being offered by Techno Serve /CDTD, which was to train young girls to become entrepreneurs. This training was funded by Nike Foundation through TechnoServe to help train young girls on entrepreneurship, the training entailed how to spot business opportunities and utilize them to the best of their abilities. This program was also started to create self-employment to the young girls who had passed through the training.