While Working Abroad

1. Where are Kenyan labor attaches situated in the Middle East and how can I reach them?

2. How do I report incidences of exploitation and abuse?

3. My agent has gone MIA, what should I do?

4. My employer denies me time off as stipulated in my contract, what should I do?

5. I want to discontinue my contract with my current employer, what should I do?

6. I feel overwhelmed by the volume of work at my place of employment, what should I do?

7. I am jobless and stuck in the Middle East, where can I find help?

8. I am a victim of violence and abuse in the Middle East, how do I report this safely?

9. Are there any safe houses for Kenyans in the Middle East?

10. What is diaspora banking?

11. How can I access diaspora banking services?

12. Are there online groups e.g. WhatsApp, that I can join and network with fellow Kenyans?

13. Are there online financial literacy classes for migrants?

14. How do I set up a business while working abroad?