Passover Seder Celebration on April

Passover Seder Celebration on April

The Seder Festival is a feast that is celebrated by Jews on the first and the second night of the Passover. During the Seder festival, people drink, eat special foods and tell stories in reminiscence of the Passover in Egypt. This year, our girls got the opportunity to celebrate the Seder festival with Rabbi Emeritus Richard Agler and his wife Mindy. Rabbi conducted the festival and taught the girls a few things on Jewish customs and traditions. In attendance, was former Deputy Ambassador for Israel to Kenya turned pop star and a local celebrity, Gilad Milo. The occasion included the unveiling of Talia Faith Agler’s sculpture, Rabbi and Mindy’s late daughter, under whose name the shelter was named after. Her parents unveiled the sculpture that was erected in memory of her good deeds and dedication to make a better life for the girls at TAGS.

Rabbi Richard and Gilad during the Passover Seder event.

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