A Narration of Our Inception

Prior to the Centre’s inception in 2001, Edith Murogo employed domestic workers in her home and taught them home management skills. A unique employer, Edith strived to understand the challenges that faced this marginalized group. She treated them with respect and gained their respect in return. From a healthy and open relationship with her employees, she soon became aware of the stigma and tribulations associated with domestic workers and opened her home as a training and advocacy centre for them.

In its pilot phase in 2001, CDTD was known as Domestic Support Services, and initially served 5 girls from Kibera. Sensitive to the needs of Kenyan women, Ms. Murogo soon expanded her program and officially registered the Centre as an NGO in 2003. Since its registration, she has adopted numerous programs in order to best assist the disadvantaged. While the Domestic Workers program remains the focal point of the program, CDTD now houses a Literacy Program, Continued Education Program, Rescue and Rehabilitation Program, and Refugee Rehabilitation Program. In total, CDTD’s size has multiplied 600 times since its birth in 2001.More than 10,000 individuals have been transformed through CDTD’s work.

Edith Murogo,
CEO, Centre for Domestic Training and Development