In the documentary, the twenty four year old talked of how she had made enough money to build a new family home through domestic work. Despite the fact that she made enough money while in Nairobi, she is keen to note that her stay in the city was not an easy one and was often highlighted by mistreatment by her employers.

She had a meeting with CDTD and wished to start up her own business so that she can continue assisting her family. They gave her the capital to start up her own boutique in her home town. It is now a month since she started the business which she says has been running smoothly. Juliet remains eternally grateful to all the well-wishers who contributed and CDTD for the continued support accorded her.

CDTD met with Esther and Juliet’s father on June 2019 to explore how to assist the young women. According to their father, Mr. Manafwa, Esther was the only child who managed to complete high school to the 4th level among his 8 children. He could not afford school fees afterwards. He advised his daughter to enroll into college to create more opportunities for employment in the future. Esther thus enrolled into the East African Institute of Homecare Management to study her Diploma in Hospitality. She is currently on holiday and resumes school on September.