Anne (not her real name) is a young mother who is on a mission to take the world and we at CDTD and TAGS are her guiding hands.

Anne was brought up in a family of three. She is the first born to a sister and a younger brother. Having grown up in an area where girls at a young age stop going to school and pick house chores instead of books, she wanted to lead a different life and it was by getting educated. She completed her KCPE and later joined secondary school. Just like any young girl about to begin a new chapter in life, Anne was thrilled. Unfortunately, her mother passed away and there began all of her problems. School fees became a distant cry as her father spent the little income he had on drinking. Anne however was still determined to attend school and set out to make it happen. She reached out to her uncle who willingly paid for her school fees and catered for her needs in school until her 3rd year in high school when family disputes became a tag of war. She dropped out of school but ran away in frustration to her boyfriend who she found comfort in. She was later to find out that she was pregnant but the boyfriend disowned and rejected her. Feeling all alone, Anne ran away to a nearby children’s home. There she got to talk to the Manager in charge and shared her story. Having no place to go, the home took her in and facilitated her medical check -up where her 4weeks pregnancy was confirmed.

She was later referred to TAGS and was able to give birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy with the support of our partner, Kiota. Through continued baby care, shelter support and psychosocial counseling, Anne kept her dream to resume schooling at some point. She is a determined 19-year-old who has now transitioned from TAGS to St. Kizito vocational training. She would like to study Electrical Engineering and later be an electrical Engineer. She serves as an inspiration to other girls with similar or worse cases that they too can achieve what they set out to do. Through hope and determination, Anne is set to make a difference in the world. We are glad that we at CDTD and TAGS can be part of her journey.