Changing the Conversation by Dignifying Domestic Work

Launched in 2001, the Domestic Workers Transformation Program (DWTP), is a visionary initiative dedicated to empowering Domestic Workers in Kenya through comprehensive workforce development programs. Recognizing the vital role that Domestic Workers play in our communities, we believe in changing the narrative surrounding Domestic Work and Care Work and transforming the lives of Domestic Workers by providing them with essential skills, job placement opportunities, advocacy, and financial inclusion.


Domestic Workers Transformation Program

The Domestic Workers Transformation Program (DWTP) is committed to enhancing the socio-economic status of domestic workers in Kenya. Through mobilization, skills training, job placement, advocacy, and financial inclusion initiatives, DWTP aims to bridge the gap between Domestic Workers and economic opportunities. By strategically partnering with various stakeholders, including CSOs, government ministries, employment bureaus and employers, and domestic worker organizations, DWTP addresses systemic challenges and empowers domestic workers to thrive in the labor sector.

We have 21+ years of experiences in serving Domestic Workers

How we go about work

Our Intervention Strategies

Mobilization and Self-Organizing

Engaging with communities and stakeholders to raise awareness about the rights and challenges faced by domestic workers in Kenya. We also help Domestic Workers to self-organize into groups for self-advocacy.

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Skills Training

Empowering domestic workers with practical skills relevant to the evolving job market, such as homecare management and childcare.

Job Placement

Facilitating job placements for trained domestic workers through our extensive network of employers and the innovative Homecare Hub App.


Championing for the rights and recognition of domestic workers through targeted advocacy campaigns and policy initiatives.

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Financial Inclusion

Partnering with financial institutions to provide domestic workers with access to savings, credit facilities, and investment opportunities.

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At DWTP, we are committed to transforming the lives of Domestic Workers and Care Workers in Kenya by providing them with the necessary skills, opportunities, and support to thrive in the labor market. Join us in our mission to empower Domestic Workers and create a more just and equitable society for all. Book appointment


Showcasing Our Work

About our hubs

CDTD Homecare Hubs

Our transformative community-based training hubs, located in various communities across the Nairobi Metropolitan Area, empower Domestic Workers with essential skills through comprehensive programs. With 10 community-based hubs strategically positioned, we ensure accessibility and inclusivity for domestic workers from diverse backgrounds.

The community-based hubs are in the following locations within Nairobi Metropolitan:

  • Dandora
  • Githurai
  • Kawangware
  • Kangemi
  • Mukuru Nyayo
  • Mukuru Reuben
  • Mukuru Kayaba
  • Waruku

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